Cocky and Out of My League: Nicholas Cocker (Cocker Brothers®, The Cocky® Series Book 16) Information

Hopefully one day this crazy instinct that we’re supposed to be together, will mercifully disappear.

The ridiculously popular man of my dreams has a lucky brunette pinned to a wall.

Nicholas Cocker kisses like nobody else.

You don’t have to be the recipient of his attention to know he is skilled.

Screw the cover fee for alcohol. Billy should charge a ticket for this show. 

What would it be like to be kissed by him?
Fluidly held by those fingers?

Like some prize-winning salsa dancer is showing me his moves?

He has no idea who I am...and yet for a year I've dreamt of meeting him.

I drop my proud gaze to the floor. 

“Maddie?” Denise gently says. 


“You look like someone broke your heart.”

Cocker Brothers®, The Cocky® Series is contemporary romance in various sub-genres written chronologically and to also be enjoyed in any order. Stories intertwine in a truly unique way.

Welcome to the Cocker family. Break out the fresh ginger-ale and enjoy!

The Cocky® Series Order:
The Original Six Brothers
1. Cocky Roomie - JAKE
2. Cocky Biker - JETT
3. Cocky Cowboy - JAXSON
4. Cocky Romantic - JASON
5. Cocky Senator - JUSTIN
6. Cocky Soldier - JEREMY

Spin off character from Cocky® Biker - the only novella:
7. A Honey Badger Xmas (not paranormal, it's his nickname)

The Next Generation:
8. Cocky Senator's Daughter: Hannah Cocker
9. Cocky Genius: Ethan Cocker
10. Cocky Rockstar: Gabriel Cocker
11. Cocky Love: Emma Cocker
12. Cocky Quarterback: Eric Cocker
13. Cocky Rebel: Sofia Sol Cocker
14. Cocky By Association: Sean & Celia
15. Cocky Director: Max Cocker
16: Cocky and Out of My League: Nicholas Cocker
17: Cocky Bonus Scenes For Books 1-16
18: Caden Cocker (title secret until launch)


Nicholas Cocker is the eldest son of Jeremy Cocker - Cocky Soldier - and the first of four siblings (Nicholas, Zoe, Wyatt and Nathan Cocker). Stay tuned for their standalone romance novels, coming soon!
  • Faleena Hopkins
  • 2018-02-12
  • Number Of Pages: 318
  • ISBN: B079SRWQK1
  • Publisher: -
  • Studio: -


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